Winter Meeting 2019

Winter Meeting 2019

Winter Meeting 2019


Photo impression 2019

Eurotransplant welcomed more than 110 participants from all Eurotransplant member states

Networking and knowledge sharing during the Meet and Greet lunch

Prof. Laufer (Vienna, Austria) welcomes all participants at the first Plenary Session

The 2018 figures on waiting list, donation and transplantation in Eurotransplant were presented by Dr. Samuel (Leiden, the Netherlands)

Prof. Wolf (Munich, Germany) sharing his experiences on xenotransplantation during Plenary Session I

Dr. Minina (Moscow, Russia) gave an update on organ donation in Russia

Prof. Tönshoff (Heidelberg, Germany) giving a presentation about pediatric patients during the Kidney Workshop

Dr. Mumford (Bristol, UK) presented the new kidney allocation scheme in the UK

Eurotransplant Medical Staff member Pietersen (Leiden, the Netherlands) during the interactive session on High Urgency liver requests

Ethicist Bos (Engwierum, the Netherlands) highlighted the ethical point of view on pediatric age limit during the Liver Workshop

Mrs. Bargalló Arraut (Barcelona, Spain) presenting the impact of GDPR on the EBMT registry

Networking in an informal winter atmosphere

Prof. De Pauw (Ghent, Belgium) opening the combined Thoracic/Ethics workshop

Dr. Ledoux (Liège, Belgium) presenting the Liège Protocol of heart donation after circulatory death

Plenary topic discussion during the combined Thoracic/Ethics workshop

Prof. Keymeulen (Brussels, Belgium) sharing his knowledge on treatment of problematic glycemic controle during the Pancreas workshop

Prof. Porte (Groningen, the Netherlands) presenting effects of machine perfusion on abdominal organs

Good atmosphere during networking

Pancreas audits were discussed with the audience during the Pancreas Workshop

A well attended Plenary Session II